All participants are required to follow CM50Ultra Race Rules and Regulations. Violations will be subjected to time penalty or disqualification at the sole discretion of the Race Director.

    Rules and Regulations

    Additional rules may be announced during race briefing and via our facebook page. Participants are responsible to keep themselves updated.

    • Runners must sign the a Waiver and be able to present the mandatory gear before claiming the race packet.  Mandatory photo with bib is also required.  
    • Runners must submit themselves for check-in at the starting line and designated checkpoints at AS1, AS2, AS3 , Peak and Falls.  
    • Runners must carry their mandatory gear at all times. Random checking will be done.
    • Littering is absolutely prohibited and is a valid ground for outright disqualification (DQ).
    • Runners should be mindful to stash their waste in a plastic bag which they should carry until the end of the race.
    • Runners must follow the race course as marked. No shortcuts or cutting corners. Runners warned against this but continue to take short cuts or cut corners will be DQed.
    • Pacers and muling are not allowed.
    • Support vehicles and outside aid/help are only allowed within the radius of 50 meters away from each Aid Station (but not 10 meters close to any AS) so as not to impede, block or disrupt the operation of the aid station or the ingress and egress of runners.   Support crew must register during race kit claiming to gain access to Aid Stations.  Any form of help (unless in case of emergency), individually and/or by any group/team outside of Aid Station is a valid ground for DQ. This will be strictly enforced.  Support vehicle can only go to AS3.  Hiking or running along the course to support runners during the event is not allowed.
    • Rain or shine, the race will proceed.
    • Runners must always be courteous to fellow runners.  Unnecessary name calling and noise and actions which impedes the ongoing race is prohibited.
    • Runners and their crew, if any, must be always courteous to the local community especially the Aetas. Avoid unnecessary contact or communication. Remember that we are mere passersby in their great ancestral domain.
    • The route is open to the public.  Courtesy to other hikers must be given.
    • Any documented report of discourtesy or unruly behavior will be a ground for DQ.

    RD reserves the right to modify the course, placement of aid stations and any other aspects of the race. Decision of the RD on all matters affecting the race is final and not appealable. In case of complaint or protest, the fact and ground on which it is based must be immediately made known to the RD and/or nearest volunteers or aid stations, as far as practicable, with basis to substantiate such protest or complaint. Complaint or protest must be made not later than the cut-off times for each category.

    Mandatory Gear (for 50 miles and 60K only)

    Mandatory Gear shouLd be presented during 1) race kit claiming; 2) check-in at the starting line; 3) random gear check.

    • Fully-charged working mobile phone containing the number of the RD +639175660106. It is required that the mobile phone is on at all times during the duration of the race.

    • Headlamp and/or flashlight (torches) with battery power to last for at least 8 hours. On the way to Miyamit, runners are advised to deposit their torches/headlamps at Aid Station 3 (unless it is still dark) to be picked up on their way back to Clark. All runners must carry a torch or headlamp on the way back to Clark if they will finish into the night. This item will be checked at AS3 starting 3PM. Runners will not be allowed to continue unless this piece of gear is produced for their own safety.

    • Water carrier (bladder, hand-held bottles, etc.) with volume of at least 500ml for 60km and 1,000ml for 50 miler.

    • Water cup - Please be reminded that the aid stations will not provide water cups to protect the trail and you should not drink from the bottles! Crew will be advised not to serve any drinks unless water cups are presented by runners.

    • Trail Food

    • Whistle

    • Rain Jacket

    • Race Bib (must be worn visibly in front at all times).

    • Thermal blanket

    • First aid kit

    • Trekking poles are allowed but optional


    Failure to present any of the above mentioned mandatory gear before race bib/kit distribution or when demanded during random check while the race is in progress, will disallow the runner from starting or continuing with the race unless the missing item is presented or will incur time penalty of MINIMUM of 30 minutes each for every missing gear at the sole discretion of the RD.





    11AM. Runners who failed to reach the cut-off should declare themselves as DNF and surrender to the race personnel. They shall no longer be allowed to proceed to the peak after cut-off.



    3pm. Runners should reach and leave AS3 before 3pm. Runners who failed to reach this time shall no longer be allowed to proceed.


    FInish Line

    60K: 16 hours

    50Miles: 18 hours

    10 Miles: 6 hours


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