Atty. Jonnifer Lacanlale

    CM50 Race Director

    He has finished Trailwalker 100 (HK) in 2009, GNW100 (Australia) in 2010, UTMB (France) in 2011, WS100 (USA) in 2012, Hardcore 100 miles (Phils. 2013, 2014 & 2015), Bighorn 100 USA (2013), UTHK177 (2015), TransLantau100K (2015) Fat Dog 120 (Canada) in 2016. He has likewise run TNF100 Phils. since 2008 (except Camsur in 2011), Botak 100K, BDM160, BDM102 x4 (setting a new course record in 2012), Four Lakes 100K (2013 and 2016) and other ultras. Visit www.jon-ultra.blogspot.com to know more about him.


    CM50 is now accepting volunteers for the 2018 edition open to running teams/groups and individuals. For the team or group, we accept a minimum of 4 volunteers per group. If selected, one free slot will be given to the team in the CM50 2017 edition (any distance). Individual volunteers are entitled to 50% discount on the registration fee for the next year edition of the race.


    Please email the CM50 Team of your decision - cm50ultra@gmail.com.


    Thank you so much!


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