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Two-time Champ Tolitz Shares His Two Reasons for Joining CM50

Manolito Divina, our 2014 and 2015 Champion, shares with us two reasons why he wants to join the Clark Miyamit Falls Ultra 50 MILES.

1. This is the race where he gets to reunited with his friends in trail running and also most of the highly respected trail runners, those runners that he looks up to.

2. The race allows him to go back to nature. He is in awe with the trails going to Mount Pinatubo and Miyamit Falls.

He only was one tip for those who wants to join it: Prepare for it as most of the times during the race the challenge would make you think of giving up.

Manolito or Tolitz Divina will toe the starting line for the 42K Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon on October 2 and the Finale Race, CM50 Clark Miyamit Falls 50 Mile Ultra on November 27.  Join the race and find out why Tolitz  said, "masarap balik-balikan" (a race I would want to come back and join again).  Registration is at

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