25 November 2017, Saturday


    Kit Claiming & Race Briefing

    Check-in, Drop Bags, Deposit (Php500) and Runners Forum

    Medical Certificate and Waiver (to be provided) are required.

    1-3PM, Quest Hotel

    Registration, Assembly Time

    & Start of Mandatory Gear Check

    Saturday, 25 November 2017 at 11PM


    26 November 2017, Sunday



    Continuation of Mandatory Gear Check

    12:05 AM

    Pre-Race Briefing


    Start/Finish Time

    50 MILES - Sunday at 1AM to 7PM

    60K - Sunday at 1AM to 5PM

    Time barrier:

    18 hours for 50 Miles or 7PM, Sunday

    16 hours for 60K or 5PM, Sunday

    Awarding Ceremony

    both 60K and 50 Miles podium finishers

    and the BADDEST ASS Awardees





    1. Aid Station 1 has been moved to 10K (original 7K) from the Start/Finish line. This decision has been made for better access, deployment of supplies and rescue of DNFs. This is located before the long stairs.

    2. Aid Station 3 has been moved 3K farther up to KM25. All the remaining Stations are in the original spot. Distances are approximate.

    3. Drop bags are still accessible only at Aid Station 3 because of the sheer difficulty of hauling supplies unless the weather and 4x4 crew allow it to be placed at AS4 and should be marked properly by the bib number of runners.

    4. You will now have 3 ribbons for 50 miles and 2 ribbons to indicate you have actually passed by the Falls, Peak (50 miles only) and Aid Station 1 (pick it up on the way to Finish line only). All must surrender the same upon crossing the Finish line.

    5. Application for the 2018 UTMB Points is still being processed.

    6. ITRA membership for CM50 is current and good for 2017-2018.

    7. The Sapang Uwak detour is no longer in effect. The old route on this part of the course is to be followed which is now a paved (concrete) section.

    8. Drop bags are available for retrieval only after the race or past 7PM or until the 4x4 crew shall have arrived on the Finish line, whichever is earlier. Announcement will be made. So make plans accordingly. If you leave your bag for whatever reason, consider it a donation and no member of the organizing team, crew, or marshals shall be responsible for its return nor shall be liable therefor. In the past, CM50 Team has been made like a courier after the race for the return of their drop bags. We will discourage and prohibit that now. So be responsible.

    9. All runners (no exception) are required to deposit Php500 for their transportation in case of DNF. The amount will be collected prior to claiming of race kits and will be returned immediately after crossing the Finish line.

    10. Design and number of Marshal shirts are subject to modification.

    11. Baggage to be left prior to race Start must be secured and marked properly with the bib number of the runner and must be retrieved on or before 7PM. Otherwise, they will be treated like Drop Bags, so please see update no. 8 above.

    12. All runners are no longer allowed to leave their mandatory gear at AS4 on the way to the Falls. If you do so, it will be considered a disqualification. (DQ).

    13. Thermal blanket is now mandatory.

    14. Anyone caught violating the race rules or trail ethics and etiquettes, depending on the gravity, will face years of suspension or perpetual disqualification at the sole discretion of the Race Director.

    15. All runners must input and remember the mobile number of the RD - +639175660106.

    16. All 50-mile runners must go up to the Peak before going to the Falls.

    17. All 0ther race rules not in conflict with the foregoing are still in effect.

    17. Please check this FB Page regularly for updates as the race day approaches.





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